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RV Tech Directory is a new website. We are hoping to be the largest directory of small independent RV business on the internet. The original idea for this website came as a result of an incident with a larger RV dealership. (The entire story is below)

The result of the incident was that we realized what a great idea it would be if rv’ers and campers had access to a directory of RV technicians to reference when they were away from “home.”

I know that when my husband and I purchased our 5th wheel the intention was to take it traveling, to visit different campgrounds in different states. We had no intention of camping in our back yard!

For others too, the intention is to set up a seasonal site where they can keep their camper year around. There is no thought of moving the camper, it is purchased and delivered. The owners don’t even own a truck to move it. They arrive in the spring, from somewhere down south, to camp in a cooler climate for the summer.

Whatever the intent, I will gamble and say that most of the campers, trailers, 5th wheels or motorhomes that we live in end up with some sort of repair work needed. And most times it is inconvenient for us to move or take our camper to the dealership where we purchased it.

This is when the small rv technician becomes our greatest asset. He (or she) is MOBILE and willing to travel to us to do repairs. Some of them even do warrenty work.

But i’m rambling… Back to the RV Tech Directory. This too is a place where the small rv tech, who might not have the budget to compete with the “big guys” can afford to advertise their business.

Each business listed has it’s own page on the “blog”. People can leave comments or reviews about them, and the business can even write their own comments on their page to let us know what they are up to!

So with that being said: Welcome again to the RV Tech Directory. Please come back often. Write a review if you would like – or add a business to the directory.

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Disappointing Dealings with a Large Dealership

Last summer our 5th wheel had to have repairs done. The “pin” was bent and it was a puzzle each time to get the truck hooked up to it.

Was the 5th wheel too high, too low, at the wrong angle? We knew it should be an easy back-up: “click” the truck and 5th wheel connect. But it was not.

When we phoned the dealership that sold us the unit they were very unsympathetic to the situation. They wanted us to drop off the 5th wheel so that they could find out what was “really” wrong with it and then order a part if necessary.

Problem was, we were living full time in the unit. The dealership refused to send somebody down to check things out and they were very rude about the whole situation.

Lucky for us there was an independent RV tech that was doing work at the campground we were staying at. We told him our situation and issue with the “pin”.

Over the course of the next week, he delt with the warrantly people, ordered the part and installed a new pin.

Needless to say we extremely pleased. We didn’t have to drop off our “house” for several days, nor were we treated with any disrespect.

As a result of that event the desire to create a website that lists the “small independent RV tech” was born. These are the smaller businesses that perhaps don’t have a website, or have no money to advertise.

These listing (will) include not just the technicians but the shuttle services, cleaners, detail shops, etc.

So as I said before, if you are a small RV business, or know one that should be listed here, please click on the “advertise” page above and enter all the information requested. Your entry will show up soon.

Thanks for your support and I hope you return often!